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Subject: extra money 5This story contains gay sex between two teenage men. If this offends you
or you are not of legal age to read this story then please exit now other
wise I hope you enjoy my story.This story is a work of pure fiction these things have never happened.
The characters involved are fictional/real only I know who is and who
isn't. But none of the characters to my knowledge are gay although I do
wish so.Thanks for all the feedback and continue to send me more I enjoy reading
you opinions................................................................................
...........................................So when we last left the football stud was showing scott just how to play
with real balls. And as Roo gathered up his stuff scott looked around to
see just who his next encounter was. Then when the next one stood up
Scott almost fell over dead. Guy, no his name is guy, contactos hotvalencia sexo lolitas
was about 6'4'' and
180 lbs not to big but very sexy. He wasn't to muscular he had a nice six
pack and a good flat chest that you just wanted to lick and nibble at for
hours on end. He wasn't like most of the other men here who were jocks or
preps he was a gangster. You know the type he wears supper baggy pants
and big shirts and a lot of jewelry but he made this new trend look
incredibly sexy as he always wore tight as can be tommy briefs. and with
the baggy pants he left very little to the imagination when he would
stretch from the back you could see his perfect little bubble butt that
made you want to bawl and kiss it and from the front you could see that
the briefs contained an incredibly big package. So needless to say that
when he got up to put scott to work scott was more than willing.He stood up and walked over to scott and said "bitch I'm going to make
you my hoe." and with that he shoved scotts face into his crotch and
doing what scott does best he just engulfed the package. With this Guy
moaned and said "Now get to work I'm not payiing to have a boyfriend I'm
paying for a lolita nude art webring fucking blow-job!"So since Guy was ready scott tugged at Guys pants which just fell right
off and Guy removed his shirt leaving him in only his black skin tight
briefs. Scott could see that Guys 11" cock was getting hard but not all
the way there. So he pulled Guys briefs down and Wham his cock popped out
into scotts face. Scott licked his giant balls taking one at a time in
his mouth as he sucked on these one hand stayed stroking the now full
length cock as the other ran up and down his beautiful ass. Then scott
started on the one eyed giant. He licked the piss slit and then the shaft
and down to the base and back up. He did this about three times then he
took the whole dick into his mouth(all elven inches) and sucked it down
to the base. Then he came up to the top with saliva dripping from his
mouth and went back down he up and down up and down sucking and licking
the shaft as one hand fumbled the giant melons the other roamed his
chiseled body and back to his ass. After about ten minutes of the up and
down motion scott was fingering Guy's ass and yanking at his balls making
Guy even hornier. Then he started licking the side of Guy's dick and
sucking it little by little.He could feel the Guy was getting close so he engulfed the cock again and
started sucking on just the head swirling his tongue around the tip and
then as his finger hit Guy's prostate Guy's hand came from behind and
forced scott down. Then Guy started to Face fuck scott screaming "YEAH
OH GOD YES" and with the last couple of thrust Guy's cum shot out in huge
loads scott took all that he could but this monster shot off about 9
loads scott missed some that went on to Guys pubic hair and chest and
stomach. But being the good worker scott is he eagerly licked that all up
and sucked the remainder out of Guy. As Guy got his clothes back he
looked at scott and said "Man who would have thought the little kid on
the baseball team would have turned out to be an ace cock sucker. Man
I've had a lot of girls and a slew of boy suck on this thing but you have
been the best yet. Heres my number call later for an even better time."
but that's another story~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I hope you enjoyed this story as this chapter winds down I wait eagerly
for the responses lolita nude art webring
to see if you like this don't worry lolita paysites nude top though there's
still two more men and you can't forget the whole reason this happened

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